Reduce Lead Purchase And Underwriting Costs

Reduce lead purchase and underwriting costs

Increase Loan Volumes And Roi

Increase loan volumes and ROI

Continuously Use Ai To Inform Decisions

Continuously use Al to inform decisions

How it works

ExcelRate continuously collects and analyzes anonymized financial and behavioral data from a number of third parties-along with your own data, business goals and lending criteria -to improve decision-making. Optimize workflows and focus on the most qualified applicants.

Make better decisions

Get unequaled access to data from ExcelRates partners (plug-and-play lead providers, credit bureaus and other third-party sources) all analyzed in real-time by cutting-edge Al-driven models, optimized for US consumer and small business lenders.

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Integrate with internal and external systems

Standard data connectors and APls simplify secure integration with other systems - including LOS, LMS and lead processing - allowing you to make the most of existing infrastructure. ExcelRate is cloud-based which helps to reduce your hardware and software costs, maintenance, and management.

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ExcelRate boosts overall portfolio performance by allowing you to focus on the leads that matter, which in turn means you can increase portfolio performance, accelerate loan application to disbursal timings.

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • Lead Purchase/Conversion
  • Funding Decisions
  • First Payment Defaults
  • Cost Per Funded